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The master study programme Intercultural Business Communication is an interdisciplinary study programme offering knowledge and skills in the fields of languages, intercultural dialogue, business administration, intercultural relations, internet marketing and internationalization to be able to communicate and operate effectively in the Euro-Mediterranean and broader area. [More ]

The EMUNI University is a partner in the project EDULINK II, the objective of which is to strengthen the Higher Education Institutions at the academic level, fostering capacity building and regional integration and supporting the higher education of high quality. [More]

Prof. Dr. Abdelhamid El-Zoheiry, EMUNI President, was invited to contribute to the summer edition with a commentary on the EU's post-Arab spring strategy. He underlined a need for a comprehensive strategy by the EU towards the Southern Mediterranean countries, advocating the use of EU's soft power. He stressed the importance of using Science Diplomacy as an effective tool to influence democratic transition ad economic prosperity in the Southern Mediterranean. The article and the commentary can be read at the following link in the e-edition of the journal


Portorož, Slovenia, 9 June 2014. 9 June 2008 was the day of the inauguration of the Euro-Mediterranean University EMUNI, which was established with the signing of its Foundation Charter by EMUNI's partner institutions. The Slovenian coast and Piran thus became a place where the countries of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership came together to welcome one of the most important projects of the Union for the Mediterranean and a focal project of the Slovenian Presidency of the European Council. [More ]

Seoul, South Korea, 29 May 2014. EMUNI University and Seoul State University of Science and Technology signed a Memorandum of Understanding where both institutions committed themselves to foster inter-institutional cooperation, enhance their mutual cooperation and cooperate in research and education programmes. The aim of the memorandum is also to start cooperating in intercontinental projects, since this is an added value for both institutions.
Portorož, Slovenia, 17 May 2014. On the occasion of launching the EMUNI postgraduate Master segree study programme ‘Intercultural Business Communication', EMUNI held an Information day on Saturday. May 17 in Portorož. The full-day event gathered more than 40 representatives of higher-education institutions, members of EMUNI bodies, diplomatic corps, governmental institutions and other EMUNI contacts and close associates. [More]
Portorož, Slovenia, 17 May 2014. A Management Board session was held at the EMUNI premises, where a new Chairman and the Vice Chairman of the EMUNI Management Board were appointed and the work and activities of EMUNI since the appointment of the new EMUNI President, Prof. Dr. Abdelhamid El-Zoheiry were introduced. [More]

From 30 July to 12 August 2014, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki organizes a summer school at the summer camp of Kalandra, Halkidiki, Greece, a beautiful and secure place next to the sea, which offers a warm and welcoming environment and a unique experience of nature and culture, as it is situated near Thessaloniki and the archaeological sites of Dion, Vergina and Mount Athos. The two-week course is designed for participants from all backgrounds, those who are already well-read in and those who are just starting out, with the purpose of getting them acquainted with studies in the fields of Greek Philosophy, Greek History and Archaeology, Ancient Drama, Ancient Technology, Architecture and Ecology, Astronomy and Mythology.

Barcelona, Spain, 8 April. Union for the Mediterranean Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) took place in Barcelona. Prof. Dr. Abdelhamid El-Zoheiry presented the renewed vision and strategic plan for EMUNI to the representatives of the Union for the Mediterranean SOM. He explained the opportunities and challenges facing EMUNI and highlighted the upcoming activities and initiatives. The members were also informed about EMUNI's plan for launching the Master Programme titled Inter-Cultural Business Communication and requested for support in providing scholarships for Students from the South Mediterranean Countries. The UfM SOM representatives renewed their support to EMUNI, expressed their satisfaction with EMUNI's planned activities and provided the President with valuable suggestions for future cooperation with the UfM.
We are looking for motivated candidates from all Euro-Mediterranean countries who are flexible, well organized and proactive, and have an interest in the academia, international relations and the Euro-Mediterranean. They should be able to work independently and in a team, follow instructions, and are attentive to detail. The candidates should have good English language skills, knowledge of an additional language is an asset. They should be able to communicate clearly and concisely verbally and in writing. A good command of MS Office is required.
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