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Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Giliberti appointed Chairman of the EMUNI Management Board
(17. 05. 2014)

Portorož, Slovenia, 17 May 2014. A Management Board session was held at the EMUNI premises, where a new Chairman and the Vice Chairman of the EMUNI Management Board were appointed and the work and activities of EMUNI since the appointment of the new EMUNI President, Prof. Dr. Abdelhamid El-Zoheiry were introduced.


The elected Chairman, Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Giliberti, was largely contributed to the development of EMUNI and has been proactively involved in the activities of EMUNI since its inception. He is a representative of one of its founding members, the University of Urbino Carlo Po, an active academic in numerous activities of EMUNI and a valuable member of the EMUNI bodies. He is also the initiator of the first EMUNI Study programme "Intercultural Business Communication", which will start in the next academic year.


Member of the Management Board, representing the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Patrick Vlačič was appointed as the Vice Chairman. He is an assistant professor of maritime law, transport law, commercial law, civil law, marine insurance law and logistics law at the University of Ljubljana and he was also the Minister of Transport of the Republic of Slovenia between 2008 and 2012. 


During the meeting, the president of EMUNI, Prof. Dr. Abdelhamid El-Zoheiry highlighted the main achievements of EMUNI in this period, namely the successful preparation and launch of the Master programme, increased visibility of EMUNI, application for several international projects and continuation of successful EMUNI activities from the past. He also welcomed a new member of the EMUNI Management Board, Michèle Geandreau-Massaloux. Prof. Geandreau-Massaloux is a former Rector of the University Agency of the Francophonie, which brings together 669 universities, and an advisor of the President of France within the Union for the Mediterranean, responsible for the academic, scientific, research and professional educational issues.


The Management Board with its members would like to seize this opportunity to sincerely thank Prof. Dr. Hassan Nadir Kheirallah for his excellent chairing of the EMUNI Management Board through very difficult times that demanded a lot of effort, engagement and positive attitude. His valuable input and work for EMUNI are still highly appreciated. 


EMUNI Management Session at the premises of EMUNI 


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