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Commentary on the EU Post-Arab Spring Strategy in Europe's World
(18. 07. 2014)
The Summer 2014 issue of Europe's World features articles by leading policymakers and thinkers on topics ranging from Europe's banking union to youth unemployment, from the crisis in Ukraine to trade in developing countries, and from ASEAN to industrial policy. 


Prof. Dr. Abdelhamid El-Zoheiry, EMUNI President, was invited to contribute to the summer edition with a commentary on the EU's post-Arab spring strategy. He underlined a need for a comprehensive strategy by the EU towards the Southern Mediterranean countries, advocating the use of EU's soft power. He stressed the importance of using Science Diplomacy as an effective tool to influence democratic transition ad economic prosperity in the Southern Mediterranean. The article and the commentary can be read at the following link in the e-edition of the journal


Europe's World is the only independent Europe-wide policy journal, produced in association with more than 150 leading European think tanks and academic institutions. Published every 4 months in the period of 9 years, the journal has established itself as the ideas platform for new thinking on political, economic and social issues and has over 100,000 readers and has to date featured over 1,500 of today's most respected thinkers and influential leaders with their articles.


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