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Intercultural Business Communication


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Programme description
The master study programme Intercultural Business Communication is an interdisciplinary study programme offering knowledge and skills in the fields of languages, intercultural dialogue, business administration, intercultural relations, internet marketing and internationalization to be able to communicate and operate effectively in the Euro-Mediterranean and broader area.
The EMUNI master in Intercultural Business Communication offers:
  • ability to communicate and operate effectively in the Euro-Mediterranean and broader area,
  • an international and intercultural study environment,
  • distinguished international faculty from reputed EU and Mediterranean universities,
  • active teaching methods, internships and field work,
  • innovative learning environments combining arts and education,
  • in short, the IBC master provides you with a good basis for a successful career in international and intercultural organizations and institutions or as an entrepreneur.
Name of the study programme: Intercultural Business Communication Study programme
Type: master (postgraduate 2. Bologna Cycle)
Programme duration: 2 years (120 ECTS)
Title: Master in Intercultural Management (in Slovenian: magister / magistrica medkulturnega managementa)
Place: Portorož
Type and form of studies: Full-time
Teaching language: English

Curriculum structure
The programme consists of 13 compulsory units and 2 electives. From the three languages offered (English, French, Arabic), the candidates choose two. They also choose two elective courses (one from 3 courses offered by EMUNI and another one from courses offered by our partners).

1st year  
Foreign Language A 8 ECTS
Foreign Language B* 8 ECTS
Intercultural Negotiations 8 ECTS
Intercultural relations of the country language A 8 ECTS
Intercultural relations of the country language B 8 ECTS
International Business Communication 8 ECTS
One choice among:
- History of socio-economic global processes
- Cultural Anthropology
- Gender History
Intercultural Laboratories / Practical Training 4 ECTS
*Depends on the chosen languages (students can choose among English, French and Arabic)
2nd year  
Foreign Language A 8 ECTS
Foreign Language B** 8 ECTS
Internet Marketing 8 ECTS
Internationalization Strategies 8 ECTS
Optional elective course 8 ECTS
Computer Abilities for Business / Practical Training 2 ECTS
Thesis 18 ECTS
**Students can choose among all courses at master level offered at the EMUNI University and members of the EMUNI network

Application deadline
The application period is between 1 June and 5 September 2014.

The accepted candidates will be requested to enrol from 8 September onwards. The enrolment will take place until 30 September 2014.

If the number of accepted candidates is smaller than the number of offered enrolment places, EMUNI University may ask new candidates to enrol with an additional enrolment period. In case the number of enrolment places is limited, the candidates will be selected on the basis on the rules in case of limited enrolment.

The study programme shall be carried out if at least 10 students are accepted and enrolled during the application period.

Financial matters
Tuition fee: 6.000 EUR per year (excluding the cost of travel and accommodation)
Cost in Slovenia: Accommodation costs are approximately 400 EUR/month; price per meal is around 5 EUR. A list of possible accommodation options will be available at the EMUNI website.

Enrolment conditions
To register as a student at the second level of the study programme Intercultural Business

Communication the students have to fulfil the following requirements:
  • candidates must have the Bachelor degree or equivalent,
  • a high knowledge of two foreign languages is required (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages - CEFR, level C1 for the following languages: English1,2, French2, and level B1 for Arabic2 and Italian3) and
  • a basic knowledge of economic and business topics (at least 16 ECTS points in business courses, such as management and marketing).
1 Language of conduction of the master programme is English.
2 Among English, French and Arabic, students choose two languages.
3 For students doing study mobility at the University of Urbino "Carlo Bo"


The candidates who graduated from the study programmes that do not meet the criteria mentioned above (items 2 and 3) must prove the knowledge through examination.

In the case of the limitation of enrolment, the students will be selected in accordance with the following criteria: grade point average - 100% of the study programme the degree of which serves as the basis for enrolment.

The candidates are required to submit the following documents along with the N-Form:

  1. a colour scan of the original certificate of degree and certified[1] copy of the degree or equivalent,
  2. a list of completed courses/exams and grades of the previous studies, issued by the institution that issued the degree, or a certified English translation of the list of completed courses/exams and grades of the previous studies (transcript of records),
  3. a short chronological description of the entire education, obtained by the candidate (written by the candidate) in English,
  4. an English language certificate[2] (B1/B2 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages - CEFR or equivalent (pages 24, 26-27)),
  5. a copy of an identification document with photograph, proof of citizenship[3].

[1] "Certified" in this item refers to the following: signed and stamped by the institution that issued the degree.

[2] The EMUNI University Commission reserves the right to test the candidates' language knowledge.

[3] If any of the above documents are in a language other than English, a certified (i. e. by an accredited translation office, a court translator etc.) translation is required.

The EMUNI University commission reserves the right to test the candidates' language knowledge. Candidates who are not English native speakers or did not do their previous degree in the English language, must prove their English language knowledge with a certificate of C1 knowledge of the English language, according to the CEFR. The same applies for the Arabic (B1 level) and French (C1 level) language knowledge. The students who do a part of their studies at University of Urbino have to prove their knowledge of Italian knowledge (B1) according to the same provisions.

If needed, the authorised person conducting the procedure of recognition is allowed to require additional evidence of foreign education in question.

Number of enrolment places: 40 Full-time (1st year)

Enrolment places are available for citizens of the Republic of Slovenia and EU member states, Slovenians without Slovenian citizenship and foreigners (citizens of non-EU members). Information on the recognition procedure is available here, at +386 59 25 00 57 or at

Procedures and enrolment deadlines
The candidate must submit the enrolment application through the electronic application at the eVŠ portal. The candidate may submit one application.  

If the candidate is applying with:
  1. a qualified digital certificate it is not needed to send the printed out form via regular mail. The enrolment application must be submitted to eVŠ by the end of the application deadline. The enclosures to the application for which the candidate notes in the application that he or she will send via regular mail must be sent with registered mail to the EMUNI University address (the enclosure must include the reference of the number of the enrolment application).
  2. without a qualified digital certificate (with username and password), the enrolment application form must be sent electronically to eVŠ, printer out, signed and sent, including the enclosures, via registered mail by the end of the application deadline to the EMUNI address.
As submitted in due time qualify:
  1. application which was filled in and submitted with electronic signature to eVŠ by the end of the application deadline, and
  2. application which was filled in eVŠ, printed out in the same text as that of the last submitted form of eVŠ, signed and sent via registered mail to the EMUNI address by the end of the application deadline.

Technical support:

  • for problems with entering the electronic application with the digital certificate and electronic signature: SIGEN-CA support, e-mail: , phone: 01/4788 590
  • for other technical questions regarding the completion of the electronic application:
    eVŠ support, e-mail:

Recognition of knowledge and skills acquired prior to enrolment into the programme
The candidates and students may apply for the recognition of knowledge and skill acquired prior to enrolment through different forms or formal and/ or informal education. For this purpose, they may submit an application to EMUNI University prior to or after their enrolment in the study programme. Enclosed with the application should be study certificates and other documents proving the content, extent and complexity of education.

Mode of implementation
The study programme will be conducted in a blended learning environment with face-to face sessions and e-learning.
Face-to-face lectures will be carried out at EMUNI University in Portorož, Slovenia. The planned periods for the first cohort are the following:
  • academic year 2014/2015: mid-October to mid-November, mid-February to mid-March, and mid-June to mid-July (4 weeks each),
  • academic year 2015/2016: mid-October to mid-November, and the month of March (4 weeks each).
Online sessions will be conducted via the eLearning platform.

Assessment and grading system
The assessment will include active participation in class and in online lectures, written and oral assignments etc. The students will be graded according to the ECTS grading system.
Student mobility (Erasmus and other programs)
The students will have the opportunity to participate in a study exchange programme (one semester) at the partner institutions.

Student mobility (at Unversity of Urbino "Carlo Bo")
The students who will do the study mobility at University of Urbino "Carlo Bo" (one semester, gaining a minimum of 24 ECTS) will receive a diploma/master degree also from the University of Urbino "Carlo Bo". Level B1 of the Italian language will be required for such students as the courses will be conducted in Italian.

Programme aims
To prepare professionals who are able to communicate efficiently in diverse intercultural business environments. EMUNI promotes three languages: English, French, Arabic.

Graduate profile
The graduates are qualified to work in managerial positions in intercultural business environments, public and private institutions, international firms and enterprises etc., and prepared for entrepreneurial endeavours.

The programme will be administered by a distinguished international faculty with extensive knowledge and experience in the subject matters offered.



EMUNI University is offering a limited number of scholarships for students of the master study programme Intercultural Business Communication accredited in the EU.


We are looking for highly motivated candidates, particularly from the South Mediterranean countries. The scholarships will be offered on a competitive basis.


To apply for scholarship, please fill in this form: 


For more information please contact us.


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